BeaconFinder allows you to recreate missing beacons in AIM RaceStudio2 data.

BeaconFinder calculates beacon shift between two sessions allowing easy overlaying of race data.



BeaconFinder can be useful in many different beacon-related circumstances:


  • No beacon hits
  • Occasional missing beacon hits
  • Multiple beacon hits per lap
  • Hits from multiple beacons


Best results are obtained using a known-good reference lap from the same car and driver on the same day. Lap times can also be regenerated using data from a different car or driver, and even when no reference lap is available.


BeaconFinder reads lap and session data in text format as written by the AIM RaceStudio2 Export-to-Excel feature.


BeaconFinder produces a list of lap times - the user then enters those times into the RaceStudio2 software.


BeaconFinder is shareware you may download, use and redistribute the software provided that it remains intact and unmodified. If you find it useful, please send a $10 donation as a shareware fee.

Download the BeaconFinder v1.0 package


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Download Instructions for BeaconFinder as PDF