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Tech Documents

Technical Documents and Notes


Physics, vehicle dynamics and data analysis

Lap Time Simulation

Simple lap time simulation using Excel

Portland Preparations

Using LapSim and Google Earth to good effect

Clutch size

Does the size of the clutch make a difference?

Sway Bar Wheel Rates

Measuring sway bar rates in situ

Brake Channel

Calculating and using a Brake channel

Suspension Position Measurement (v1.0)

Pitch, Roll, Heave and Warp for $30


Van Diemen Specific

RF00 Fuel stick dimensions

RF00 fuel stick dimensions

RF00 checklist

A sample preparation checklist


Data, video and radio system setup and wiring

AIM MXL Pro-05 installation

MXL Installation in a Van Diemen RF00

AIM Evo3 Logger Installation Pictures

Pictures and very brief notes

Connecting a pot

Connecting a pot to an AIM logger

In-car camera setup

Details of my in-car camera setup

Radio harnesses

Radio car harness and helmet kit wiring


Other stuff

Lap sheet

A sample lap sheet for the track


Data Logger Hardware Stuff

Recommended pot for steering/suspension –Bourns 6639S-1-103, available from Digikey


Software – BeaconFinder

Replace missing beacon hits in AIM RaceStudio2 data with my whizzo program!



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